Why is Boudoir so Expensive?

January 1, 2022

Boudoir isn’t your everyday portrait style photography and it shouldn’t be compared to it either. It’s a very intimate and private method of self-expression, it requires intricate attention to detail to give you, the subject, a very special experience.

Boudoir is focused on self-care, empowerment, recovery, and celebrating the best version of yourself. Unlike weddings, senior photos, and maternity, Boudoir is not linked to a specific time or event. It’s not a public celebration for everyone to see. You can do it at any time of the year. It’s done for yourself or a gift to an intimate partner. You are investing in yourself in a way that will pay for itself.

And as with any other service, you get what you pay for. I can’t recall how many times I have spoken to women who had a boudoir session with another photographer and hated it. Either due to being rushed, product quality, or just the general experience.

A good Boudoir Photographer is trained in understanding the complex situations that are involved in any given session. Yet, we are also your biggest supporter in making you feel empowered and secure in the skin you are in. No matter your size, age, or demographic you deserve to feel amazing.

The planning and preparation done behind the scenes take a great deal of investment and capital. A good and competent Boudoir Photographer will have a professional Hair and Makeup artist, thanks Chelsea. Some photographers will provide lingerie for the client to have while others don’t. Studio and location rentals are not cheap. Custom albums, wall art, shipping costs, editing software, and equipment make up a good chunk of the expenses.

Ultimately, you’re paying a lot because:

-This is my career, not a hobby.

-I’ve invested in proper education to make you look and feel your best

-I’ve invested in proper quality gear to help make your images art

-This is my specialty. A jack of all is a king of none.

-We absolutely love what we do.

Not everybody can do what we do. Boudoir takes a delicate approach and incredible amounts of experience and practice. I am not the same photographer I once was when I started and I’m glad to say I’ve grown for the better. I’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the female mind, body, and the connection the two have to each other. From sunrise to sunset, my clients and the experience I offer are always on my mind at one point or another.

So yes, the price tag may seem high but this is custom artwork of yourself that you can look back on and remember that this is who you are: a beautiful, amazing, brave, strong, and incredible person who is worthy of love and confidence.

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