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Hi there, I'm Keyan, a Boudoir photographer in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I love capturing a woman’s beauty, and showing it to them from someone else’s perspective. To me, this is the essence of boudoir. It’s about self empowerment, for both your body and soul.

The first boudoir shoot I did was with someone who would not be considered a classic model type. She got so emotional when she first saw the pictures, nearly in tears, that it moved me deeply. It was this shared intimate and emotional moment that made me realize boudoir was my calling.

Still today, my favorite moment of any session is watching someone see themselves in a new light for the first time.

I love the intimate experience of boudoir photography. Each session is unique and special to each client. After the shoot, they take home more than just photos, but a newfound confidence, and reminders of their beauty.


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