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My Story

When I first started doing photography, I quickly realized that I most enjoyed working with and photographing people. The first boudoir shoot I did was with someone who would not normally be considered a boudoir model. The strong emotion she expressed when she saw the pictures moved me so much that I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do more often, and my favorite moment of any session is still when someone sees their photos for the first time. I love the intimate experience of boudoir photography, the fact that each session is unique and special to each client, and that they are getting out of it something they will hold dear to them for a very long time. I love being able to capture a person’s beauty, and show it to them from someone else’s perspective. To me, this is the essence of boudoir. It’s for self empowerment, for both your body and soul.

Why Boudoir?

I often get ask “Why do you shoot boudoir” and the answer is easy. Boudoir photography is not only a powerful experience for you, but also me. It gives me the chance to do more than just say “You’re stunning” but actually show you. You may not believe the words at first but once I show you the images, you’ll be able to witness how remarkable you are. I get to be privileged enough to be part of that adventure. I have the opportunity to see women truly believe in themselves, their beauty, and their power, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Your turn

Now it’s time for you to take a chance and believe you’ve earned this. You deserve to have this experience in your life and there’s no better time than now to see the raw beauty you hide. I can’t wait to show you.Message me and permit yourself to enjoy the wonderful experience that boudoir allows you.

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