Why I Shoot Boudoir

January 1, 2022

When I first started photography years ago, it was in the tech and product sphere. As fun as it was, with me being a bit nerdy, it became stale. From there I moved onto street photography, nightlife, and concerts. What drew me to these genres was people. Seeing the emotions and reactions of people in their own little world was fascinating. I wanted more though, this only ignited the fire within me.

I started to shoot weddings and standard portraits after that, both of which I continue to do today, but not something I advertise or focus on. Being able to be creative with portraits and capturing the pure joy from a wedding is amazing. I now know the purpose behind my camera. to capture the moment.

That changed on Christmas of 2018. Christmas Day. 3 pm in the afternoon. I shot my first boudoir session with Ms. E. Back in my old home studio. I moved my bed into the living room, place my sole, torn, living room chain into the dining area, and grabbed my camera. After a 1.5 hour session of talking, posing, shooting, laughing, the shoot was finished and I was able to show her just some of the before pictures we captured.

She was floored.

And that was it. “Wow” “I can’t believe that’s me” “I am gorgeous” And yes YOU are. Each and every one of you ladies are beautiful. THAT is why I choose to continue to shoot boudoir, to focus so much on it, to specialize in this genre. I get to go on this journey with each of you to capture what is inside of you. To take this time that you’ve spent mentally preparing yourself, primping and pampering, aching your muscles in this studio, and show you that YOU ARE STUNNING.

Come see your body in this light once again. Come fall in love with yourself again.

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