My Shooting and Editing Process

January 1, 2022

I often get asked about how I photograph plus-sized women. My answer is that I shoot them the same as any other woman.

There are plenty of ways out there to make something appear, slimmer, or larger, or curvier, or whatever it is that your goal is. I'm more concerned with capturing your natural self, your emotions, and the light that's inside and around you.

For that reason, I will NEVER photoshop someone to look slimmer, curvier, etc. I also don't erase stretch mark, tattoos, or any other permanent unique skin alteration.

And I get it that not everyone wants to be photographed that way. Some out them want to see "societal perfection", want to see what a slimmer version of them would look like, what a smoother version of them would look like.

Here's an example of something that caught my eye and the beauty that I gather from it.

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